Targeting Mobile Devices – WordPress

To cut a long story short, I have me a need to target some mobile devices for a project. Usually I’d opt for a responsive design approach, but in this instance I want these devices to be able to use additional location based options (for some lovely OpenStreetMaps), and I don’t want them to be […]

Password protecting a ZIP file – OS X Lion

This is one of those things that really should be a lot easier than it is. As you might know, there isn’t a simple default application in OS X that you can use to password protect a zip file. If you want this functionality, typically you need to hop over to the Mac App Store, […]

Admin-only functions – WordPress

Something you’ll hardly ever need to use – but it’s handy to know about – adding an extra menu link for Admin level users, to show hidden blog options. What it opens up lives pretty high on the ‘make a mistake and f**k everything up’ level – but it might come in handy for you […]